Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greed to an Excess?

Im here to rant yet again. I do not get it, how is it when someone already has more than enough money or material goods, they feel the need to stomp on people's lives just to get even more. Maybe I dont get it because im not really rich, but at least I know when enough is enough.

It seems to me that greed is now running the world. Well really it has been for a while. Might not be greed of money but its greed of everything, from money to power. It is easy to make the world a better place. If all the richest pepole in the world were to help those less fortunate we might not have famine or poverty. Call me socialist for that idea but to me trillions and trillions of dollars are an excess. Maybe I do think the world as a simple place, but common sense is lost anyways nowadays. Sadly, I do think that.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little Understanding? Maybe to each their own?

The debate/arguments of Evolution against Intelligent Design (Creationism if you so prefer) have been surging once more. As I read the papers, I have read many people in heated debates over which theory is the "true" one or which one is more valid. Now I myself believe that both theories can co-exist as one theory in itself. I mean Evolution could be happening due to Intelligent design (And now Im probably going to see many arguments against this too!) but thats just my opinion. Now I did not mean to bring this up so that I can host debates. All I wanted to point out is that, I can explain to a believer of Creationism how evolution works and some of it's more complex details, but I am never going to convince that person to join my side if he is a strong believer. The same could be said vice-versa. So then knowing that we can argue back and forth until we are blue in the face, why do we persue to do so? Can we not just have our own beliefs without someone calling it out and pointing out why they think it's wrong? Isn't there bigger problems right now than Evolution Vs Creationism?

In my opinion there are many bigger problems. This debate can be ended if we just accept that each person has their own belief of this subject and you or someone else will most likely not join your side just because you debate with him/her. Ahh but that will never happen, To each their own sounds nice but we just have too peer into someone else's life dont we?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Day

Ever had that feeling that you just need some time to yourself? You know the time when you arent working at anything at all. Maybe its because all this work being laid on me is just bunching together and is clouding my brain but, I truly believe that every now and then one should just sit back, relax, listen to music/read a book, and truly just do nothing and de-stress. Eh...maybe im just complaining but thats how I truly feel right now.